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Biography/ Statement


She was born in 1979 in the Netherlands. In 2005 when she finished the academy of media and art in Amsterdam and she worked several years as a graphic designer. Her work as a graphic designer was not satisfactory and she wanted to determine the message of her work herself.  As a result, she gave up her career as a designer and started her path as an artist.  It has been a quest to discover her own self as an artist.  She finds it important that a message is conveyed in her work.  She has had exhibitions at home and abroad and received rave reviews for her work.  Her work has become more colorful over the years.



Academy of media and art





Art is for me is bringing emotion, I love it when a painting really get's to you, gives you a little tickling. The image is leading to imagination and suggestion and comes alive for the person who looks at it. I get my inspiration from people, peoples behavior, emotional expressions is for me a recurring theme in my work. With my paintings primarily figurative I want the viewer to experience different emotions. To let people get closer to their emotions and rethink situations. Characteristic about my work is that a lot of faces in my painting are made unclear or have a some sort of dark cover. This is about making a statement for it doesn’t matter how you look, which color you are, what gender you are it’s about the emotion that lies behind it. People always want to be memorable and show the best of theirselves.  I don’t think your appearances is important, it’s more important who you are as a human, which choices you make in life, also on a deeper emotional level. There’s always a message in my paintings some clear, some you’ll have to look harder but that’s the beauty of it. 

Also I want to let people experience confusion, the dark unclear faces also referents to society today, the opposite of what we see on social media, where en everything is made beautiful, although to give us the suggestion it is. To take that away I’ve made the faces unclear and dark like a mask so you have to look further that the actual picture and to look behind the mask.  

The importance lays beneath the non expression (the mask), I believe it mandates people to look further than what they see and gets them on a higher emotional level with each other. 

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