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Currently working on a colorful serie

-Why the black/unrecognized made faces?
It doesn’t matter how you look it’s about the person behind it. Everyone knows how people look so there’s no secret there. I just want the viewer to go deeper into their feelings than just a surface. Maybe recognize some feelings similar due to the painting. Also everybody has some kind of mask on to protect themselves for being hurt or something, so I hope people can relate to that feeling. So again it’s about the person behind it.

Sometimes there is a book in the painting called ‘The book of life’ it refers to that people live by rules made up by some people. But there is no such thing as a book of life, you just live your life in the best way you can and learn about life as you go along. Also I like to trow in some symbolism in the form of animals or other organism.

I love it when people get a little bit thrown into the deep and experience different emotions and thoughts, and these thoughts are for them selves, I’m not in the position to judge about that.

Teute Seulement" 2020

My series “ teute seulement” situations where you just have to realize that your life has to change or is changing... and you’re only can rely on yourself. Portraits of emotion and makes you wonder what the situation is. Serenity and silence reflection that’s the goal.



With this new series I'm searching for a way to connect old with new..Using different techniques and everything I have learned so far about human emotions and take it to a next emotional level. These paintings are based on clear human emotions versus non clear human emotions. And along the way I will dig deeper in human consciousness and human ability to observe (deeper) emotions.