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2016/2017 Deform series 


Everything changes around us over the years as we do..  moments of reconsideration and learning points. Over the years I hope that people learn that it’s of no importance how you look, where you are from or what you do for a living. The only thing of importance (from my own perspective) is truthfulness to yourself, and being able to give and share in life and being surrounded by the people that you want to be surrounded by. 

And also please accept people how there are and don’t judge all the time it’s so easy… See it as a challenge to learn more about something or someone before the judgement comes.


So a mix of old and new, figures with a certain emotional load and will tell a colorful beautiful new insight. That’s what I’m trying to achieve with these series. 


2016 Divertissement 

For our pleasure… to entertain.. more interesting what kind of feeling do we get from this entertainment? Does it brings us happiness and makes us feel better or does it makes us jealous because the other is better at it then ourselves? Can we even experience vicarious shame? Why do we want to be entertained? Is it our lack of imagination, creativity, or are we simply lazy or is it indolence? It also simply distract us and even forget about our day to day life for a little while. It can bring you new insights. I believe that we use some of the information given during the show and it has influence on further process of our life. 


One thing is clear.. some of us are born entertainers and some of us simply don’t have a choice.. 


2015-2016 New series Giving, sharing, reconciliation, giving

In these times there I felt the need to express myself and making it my purpose to show people the need to love each other and showing affection, giving shelter reconnecting and reconcile again with an other human being. That is which stands central in this collection.

2015- Rumour collection 

Everybody has been guilty of spreading a rumour at some point in their life; it’s in our nature to do so. But why do we do this? Is it because we think it’s sound to judge or is it to make us feel better about ourselves? And do we think about the consequences of the rumour on the subject? These are the questions which stand central in the new “Rumour” collection. Portraits of people who spread a story, as well the people who are victim, but are they really a victim?

2015-Reconsideration collection 

Time for renawal, reconsideration, new perspective and light.

2015- My Crying Pieces Collection 

The world is crying, and everyone, at some point in their lives, cries for something.  Whatever the situation, the reason for the tears is always personal and always about a difference we would like to see.

I have been thinking a lot about this today and I really felt the need to express myself and share my perspective on crying so that people realize and understand the significance.  In some countries and in certain cultures, crying is discouraged and repressed. It’s seen as losing face. That makes me sad because being prevented from crying or stopping yourself crying is not human. Being able to cry and let the world see your tears makes you the most real, the most pure person that you can ever be.  In our tears, there is no hiding and it’s the most intimate moment you can have with another living being. Crying brings people together, it gives us a sense of solidarity and makes us touchable, even cuddly. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to express yourself in this way and to connect to another person so deeply when you cry.


A Family story 2015

A story about a ordinary family, or is it not so ordinary.. Sometimes things aren't what they seem to be...

The Identity Collection

Everybody has an other identity and it's not important how you look or what you are

Collage and Acrylic paint 2014

I use in some of my artwork old newspapers for recycling it makes the painting more actual, and that the small pieces of news paper becomes a whole new image and have their second life is just a beautiful.

2012 and older pieces

When I first started to paint I experimented with acrylic paint and with minimalistic painted figures and lots of expression and color.

Sketches, studies and other

Studies, other paintings who lead the way to a collection or just standing on their own.

Ink drawings 2013-2014

Ink drawings on paper

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