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Divertissement 2016 


For our pleasure… to entertain.. more interesting what kind of feeling do we get from this entertainment? Does it brings us happiness and makes us feel better or does it makes us jealous because the other is better at it then ourselves? Can we even experience vicarious shame? Why do we want to be entertained? Is it our lack of imagination, creativity, or are we simply lazy or is it indolence? It also simply distract us and even forget about our day to day life for a little while. It can bring you new insights. I believe that we use some of the information given during the show and it has influence on further process of our life. 


One thing is clear.. some of us are born entertainers and some of us simply don’t have a choice..





Closed dialogue

60x70cm acrylics on panel

Norma Jean

60x60cm mixed media (acrylics and newspaper) on MDF panel

Behind the scenes

40x50 cm acrylics on paper

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