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2015- My Crying Pieces Collection​


The world is crying, and everyone is crying for something else but it’s always personal. If you are crying about your own situation or the situation around you, it ‘s always something that we would like to see different.

It made me think about crying and the world today. I really felt the need to express myself about this matter to make people realize and feel what is going on. In some countries it is (mainly Asian countries) not allowed the cry, it’s losing face... that made me sad, in other words they can’t be human. Being able to cry and let the world see makes you the most real, most pure person that you ever can be, there is no hiding there (except if you are an actor) and it is the most intimate moment you can get with another living being. Crying brings people together, it gives us a sense of solidarity, makes us touchable, cuddly. It is a beautiful thing to being able to express your self and connect to another.

I wanted to give the pieces a message either a political or cultural or an emotional message there is always a message in someone who’s crying. For people to get closer to each other, (re)connect, caring again and rethink about some situations. Being able to be emotional and showing it is really a good thing and also being able to care about another and feel their emotion and caring for his or her situation, it’s a interaction. I think it can save the world if we just point out we are emotional human beings willing to connect and care for all kinds of people, black, white, yellow, gay, straight, Muslim, Buddhist, Christen, Catholic, whatever, it’s just not important, important is being able to show, care and share emotions.







Still availible:

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